Why Choose A Used Honda?

When you plan to get a new car, you contemplate a lot of factors. The primary being the decision, to shop for a brand new car, or to buy a used car. A new car always looks alluring with the divine outlook, mesmerizing interiors, and fresh visuals. But, not all people can afford to buy a new car. The automobile manufacturers have been sincere towards the affordability issue and therefore came up with the concept of certified pre-owned cars.

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Under this concept, the maker offer used cars, trucks and other vehicles that are in good condition and are properly inspected, with an extended warranty from the manufacturer. Honda is a reputable brand in the vehicle industry, and when they offer cars under this scheme, it is a win win situation for buyers. The reliable brand offers excellent pre owned vehicles with a guarantee at affordable prices. Moreover, the Honda dealership units jointly work with the manufacturer to give its used car owner the same delight as the new car buyers.

The Advantages of Choosing Honda Pre owned Cars

The brand Honda has been market leaders from very long and under their Honda Certified Pre-Owned Program, they include all types of cars from SUV’s to the truck to asedan to the minivan. The brand defines certain rules for the inclusion of used cars. Among them, the foremost is the selection of models that are not aged more than six years and have run less than 80,000 miles. Only vehicles fulfilling the above two criteria earn the certificate.

The brand takes special care in inspecting each vehicle under the pre-owned program. They undertake a 182- point inspection that helps them in acknowledging and presenting the actual health of the automobile. This precaution is undertaken because there might be a situation, where a car might have undergone an accident and repaired thereafter. If the repair work in such a case has been substandard with low-quality replacements, then, the car’s performance will get affected in the long run.

The inspection at Certified Pre-Owned dealership is done by qualified service personnel, who with the help of a checklist undermine the true state of the automobile. Since the brand presents the used car in conformity with new cars, the inspection is done stringently. Any part that needs replacement is done by original Honda replacement parts. Moreover, the brand gives its customer a complete history pertaining to the condition of the vehicle. The report comprises of the registration, title information, odometer readings, accident history, maintenance record and any repair work done. This information is vital to the safety and value of the automobile. The company even covers its customers with buy back option, in case the report is unable to disclose a severe issue that is addressed by a State Department of Motor Vehicles.

The pre-owned cars of Honda come with a warranty of 7 years or 100,000 miles from the initial registration date for its Powertrain system and components. Even the non-Powertrain system warranty is covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles starting from the delivery date of the pre-owned automobile. Furthermore, the brand offers to help its buyers with money through its service provider Honda Financing Services. The option of leasing certified pre-owned vehicle is also on offer which the buyers can opt for. The brand offers additional packages for better care and assistance which is exclusively handled by Honda certified centers.